Project Name File Name Usage Source Code Link
nuget PackageChooserViewModel.cs Task.Factory.StartNew, int>>(QueryPackages, subQuery) Link To Source File
cityindex Ribbon1.cs Task.Factory.StartNew>((stateObj) => { Dictionary pricetasks = new Dictionary(); for (int i = 0; i < (int)stateObj; i++) { pricetasks.Add(markets[i], GetPriceBars(markets[i], interval, no)); } return pricetasks; }, 10) Link To Source File
Par2NET Par2RecoverySet.cs Task.Factory.StartNew((f) => { bool result = true; FileVerification file = (FileVerification)f; DiskFile targetfile = file.GetTargetFile(); // Close the file if (targetfile.IsOpen()) targetfile.Close(); // Mark all data blocks for the file as unknown foreach (DataBlock db in file.SourceBlocks) { db.ClearLocation(); } // Say we don't have a complete version of the file file.SetCompleteFile(null); // Re-open the target file if (!targetfile.Open()) { result &= false; return result; } // Verify the file again //if (!VerifyDataFile(targetfile, fileVer)) expectedblockindex = 0; if (!VerifyDataFile(file)) result &= false; // Close the file again targetfile.Close(); // Find out how much data we have found //UpdateVerificationResults(); return result; }, fileVer) Link To Source File
AwesomiumSharp TabView.cs // We do not need to perform the download of the favicon synchronously. // May be a full icon set (thus big). Task.Factory.StartNew( GetFavicon, val.ToString() ) Link To Source File
nuget AggregateRepository.cs Task.Factory.StartNew(state => p.FindPackagesById(packageId), p) Link To Source File
SwarmIntelligence FileAsync.cs Task.Factory.StartNew( state => Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes((string)state), contents) Link To Source File
NugetCracker AggregateRepository.cs Task.Factory.StartNew(state => p.FindPackagesById(packageId), p) Link To Source File
dotnet Program.cs Task.Factory.StartNew(s => { Console.WriteLine( String.Format("[{0}] {1} started, will take {2} miliseconds to complete . . .", DateTime.Now.TimeOfDay, temp.Value, interval ) ); Thread.Sleep(interval); return "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet."; /// /// Creates a continuation action so each tasks will print /// its name and return value immediately after completion. /// }, temp.Value) Link To Source File
DynamicScript ScriptActionContract.cs Task.Factory.StartNew(ComputeContravariance, new { Left = Parameters, Right = other.Parameters }) Link To Source File