Project Name File Name Usage Source Code Link
Katas EulerProject.cs primes .AsParallel() .Where(p => filter2(p)) .Take(10) Link To Source File
OpenSolar UriBitmapConverter.cs images.AsParallel() .OrderByDescending(x => x.Value.ReferenceCount) .ThenByDescending(_ => _.Value.LastReference) .Take(images.Count - MaxImages) Link To Source File
Pentacorn IObservableEx.cs observable.Take(1) Link To Source File
NzbDrone MisnamedProvider.cs episodesWithFiles.AsParallel().Where( w => w.First().EpisodeFile.Path != _mediaFileProvider.GetNewFilename(w.Select(e => e).ToList(), w.First().Series.Title, w.First().EpisodeFile.Quality, w.First().EpisodeFile.Proper)).Skip(Math.Max(pageSize * (pageNumber - 1), 0)).Take(pageSize) Link To Source File
PoorMansTSqlFormatter TSqlStandardParser.cs //temporary, to convince VisualStudio to copy the LinqBridge DLL, otherwise ILMerge fails because of the missing file. // - maybe instead I should remove LinqBridge, as I'm not using it at the moment... KeywordList.Take(3) Link To Source File
kendo-examples-asp-net Services.cs query.Take(maximumRows.Value) Link To Source File